F ounded in 2004, The Invisible Link approach and wireless expertise provide the capacity for our partners and customers to have a competitive edge in implementing wireless solutions within their client base. By operating the channel model Invisible Link effectively become an extension to the wireless services offering of its partner companies.
Invisible Link becomes in effect the wireless Division/specialist within our partner’s service offering. The Invisible Link team provide the highest quality technical and commercial support to deliver anything from single link connections to turnkey wireless projects.

By choosing to work only with the leading global manufacturers of carrier grade wireless technologies and striving for continuous excellence in the customer facing elements of our activities is paramount to the success of Invisible Link and is integral to the reason some of the largest and fastest growing IT Integration companies choose Invisible Link as their preferred wireless solution providers.

The technologies and solutions delivered by Invisible Link include:

Internal WLAN design and installation

Sub 6Ghz Light licensed radios

5Ghz Outdoor PTP and PTMP network design and installation

Wimax and LTE

Wideband all-IP, flat architecture, OFDMA technology

Licensed Microwave

6-42Ghz Licensed long range interference free PTP connectivity

E band

80Ghz light licensed interference free high capacity PTP technology

Free Space Optics

PTP technology that uses light to wirelessly transmit data

Machine to Machine (M2M)

Direct communications between any two devices using fixed line or wireless