Invisible Link specialise in providing the right solution for the individual client needs. By listening and spending the time to understand each requirement in detail. Our engineers design the solution that best fits the applications for the immediate and with future innovation in mind. Our processes are inclusive with each client to develop in partnership the most effective wireless solution engaging in all aspects of design and implementation.


Wi-Fi is a continously developing technology with advancements in standards and design enabling truly mobile connectivity in excess of 1.5Gbs over the air rate providing complete mobility to lap tops, smart phones, tablets and general BYOD technologies.
Wi-Fi is now integrated into all network architecture and is an expected technology that has quickly become an integral communication medium for all corporate, education, local government, private business and personal mobility. Wi-Fi has become a must have technology for corporate business and personal use shaping decisions of where to work, meet, eat and stay.
Invisible Link design Wi-Fi solutions for all the major Wi-Fi global manufacturers across a wide spectrum of usages including, health services for complete RTLS (Real Time Location Services), Education environments from primary education through to Universities and across connected city’s providing full Wi-Fi mobility both internally within building’s and across vast open external areas.
Our engineers will work to provide you with the best technical and commercial solution ensuring your future growth needs are considered and understood.

Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN)

Multi Location Connectivity

Radio technology is a very cost effective way of implementing high speed fast deployable flexible network connectivity between multiple locations. The locations can be across campus, roads, rivers; town’s providing voice, video and data connections.
The radio solutions provided by Invisible link are individually designed to ensure a scalable cost effective solution is implemented. We partner directly with market leading equipment manufacturers to ensure we design carrier grade innovative solutions.

Point to Multipoint Radios

For locations that have multiple buildings within a defined area that require mixed or flexible bandwidth consideration Point to Multipoint is the ideal technology. This operates on a cellular topology with a centralised Base Station connecting remote Customer Premises Radios back to the central location. The radios are flexible from 10Mbs to 100Mbs and can be software upgraded in field allowing for a truly flexible network.
There are many examples of deployed applications using Point to Multipoint technology including town centre CCTV backhaul, Rural Broadband, local government office connections to name just a few, the flexibility of the radio solution means that digging roads is no longer a consideration and links can be easily implemented across highways, rivers and railway tracks without any costly civils works or lengthy delays.
One of the best illustrations of this technology is the implementation of a point to multipoint network connecting remote locations within a campus . The multiple remote buildings have connection speed ranging between 10Mbs and 100Mbs matching the user requirements with links distances ranging from 350m to 8.2km from a central Data Centre location.

Point to Point Radios

The invisible Link solution for direct point to point connectivity includes an extensive portfolio of Light and Fully Licensed radio and microwave solutions, with an effective bandwidth ranging from 10Mbs to multi Gbs. The radio solutions are a direct cost effective way of reducing expensive leased line and fibre costs while ensuring effective high speed connectivity. The benefit of selecting a wireless connectivity solution is the ability for rapid deployment which can be as little as 24 hours from order, the flexibility to upgrade bandwidth in field as your requirements grow and the reduce cost of ownership against traditional leased lines. Temporary high speed connecticvity can be provided, removed and replaced significantly increasing deployment speed and cost of ownership without the delay of a fixed line carrier.
The Invisible Link solutions are used for primary building connectivity with availability figures up 99.999% or as complete carrier diverse resilience solutions to complement existing in-ground network connections. By taking the link out of the ground you are effectively reducing any opportunity for ground work cable damage and significantly improving the deployment time.
The solutions available from Invisible Link include:
  • Sub 6Ghz Light Licensed Radios
  • Licensed Microwave Solutions
  • 60-90GHz Millimetre Wave Solution
  • Free Space Optical Solutions

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