Invisible Link have been providing wireless solutions since 2004 with a comprehensive portfolio of implementations ranging from Wi-Fi through to country wide microwave and high speed carrier grade wireless link deployments.


The expertise gained over many years allows our team to operate directly with global technology manufacturers introducing their technology into new markets as well as developing innovative solutions for our partners, solving sometimes challenging connectivity issues as well as simple high speed fast deployment connections. Our team includes engineering skill sets ranging from Wi-Fi to Microwave with a highly focused wireless centric engineering team.
The Invisible Link services give the ability for partners to choose the level of support they require for any wireless deployment project.

Design and Surveying of Wireless Networks

No two wireless networks are the same and utilising Radio Frequency solutions brings with it the need to confirm the operational capability of the Wireless Solution being implemented.
The critical element to any wireless network including Internal Wi-Fi infrastructure or Wireless Wide Area Networks is the completion of a professional survey. The survey provides the blue print for the wireless solution and ensures the wireless network will provide the requisite services to operate correctly for the requisite applications.
The Invisible Link team use a range of market leading design packages and have over 15 years experience in designing and surveying some of the largest wireless deployments across the UK, Ireland and the Middle East.
Our engineers pride themselves on ensuring the survey process is completed thoroughly alleviating any potential risks and giving our customer the complete confidence to deploy an effective wireless solution. We pride ourselves with working with our clients to ensure they are an integral part of the design process.

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